Seattle adventure.

Seattle adventure.

Seattle. Home of the famous Space Needle, site of the 1962 World’s Fair.

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Contrary to popular believe, it doesn’t rain all the time there! It was a balmy 80 °F the entire week I was in town.

Anyways, on to the trip experience. For this post, I’ve decided to combine the various experiences into a single post but split it into sections.

I flew into Seattle on Alaska Airlines with a couple of larger piece of luggage so I had to check-in one of my bags. Their 20-minute baggage guarantee was spot on. My bag was out in 15 minutes. No drama whatsoever, simply a good flight. Oh wait, there was drama, we landed 45 minutes early! Oops J This is the 3rd time in a row flying AS and got into SEA early. Not bad at all.

Called up The Arctic Club (a DoubleTree hotel) to see if my room is ready in advanced but alas they’re fully booked and the current guest is still in the room. Off to the office to camp out for a bit then. You can request for early check-in but Arctic is a very popular hotel in town so chances of actually being able to do so is slim.

Before my trip, I heard that BMW’s ReachNow car service is available at the airport, so I figured why not? Let’s try it. Getting to the cars require a shuttle ride to Wally Park Premier Garage. This is the covered parking lot, so make sure to check with the driver before getting in. Wally Park has an economy uncovered parking lot as well.

Once you get to Wally Park, take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Turn left right after exiting the elevator and you’ll see the cars. This time it was all Minis, both the Clubman and Cooper. Since I didn’t know how long it’ll take me to get to the location and find the cars, I didn’t pre-reserve my vehicle, instead I just walked up to one and used my ReachNow card similar to how you get into a Zipcar. Once in the car and ready to go, locate the parking ticket, you will need it to exit. Drive down to the manned exit gate, don’t use the auto gate and hand over your ticket. You will need to fill up a form of sorts and they’ll then let you through the gates. Peppy little car, navigation is built-in but I know the city, so I just went.

Got some lunch at Kau Kau BBQ ( and camped out at the office playing Xbox J After a couple of hours, The AC called to let me know my room is ready. Hiked on over and checked in. Turns out it is my 10th stay there this time and they gave me a little token of their appreciation.



I didn’t take pictures of the room this time as it is a standard room on the HHonors floor. The AC participates in the online check-in service where you pick your room when you check in so I knew what I was getting. Unfortunately I wasn’t counting on a bed with sagging mattress L Chowed down the chocolate chip cookie they give to all guests at check-in (warm and melting chocolate chips, yummm), got settled down and took a nap. The overall stay was good, the front desk staff remembers me by name and are always courteous. Juno, their in house restaurant served up a good rib eye for dinner (I was lazy to walk out for food and yes it rained for 10 minutes just enough to keep me indoors). Victor is unfortunately no longer around but the new bar tender is up to the task at the Arctic Bar.

Took an Uber to the airport when I left and rode with Lonnie. Great guy and excellent conversation for being up at 5AM!

Flight home was on American Airlines which is trying their best to out cheap Delta Airlines. Read their rewards program and you’ll see what I mean. No upgrade from SEA-DFW but I did get upgraded from DFW-LGA. Slight change in perks is that everyone gets free IFE now on AA, so watch those movies!

Since I was at DFW, I figured why not stop in at the American Express Centurion Lounge at DFW? Food was good there, BBQ Chicken, Pasta, Aborio Rice, salad, etc… Booze is free as well. Oh and get a shower and massage in if time allows as well. This lounge is fairly good sized so there’s the dining area and then there’s the quieter sitting area to chill out at. They even have a kids playroom to keep the rug rats busy.

LGA is a shit show at the moment. The construction going on makes it one hell of a mess to navigate. Stay away from it until 2020 at least.

That’s all for this time and as always Travel Safe and Have Fun!

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